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 Edible Image Sheets and Inks

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Edible Image Sheets and Inks Empty
PostSubject: Edible Image Sheets and Inks   Edible Image Sheets and Inks EmptySun Oct 25, 2009 9:23 pm

For Sale - Frosting Sheets and Inks

7.5" x 10" Frosting Sheets (24 per pack) KJFS0811
Great for quarter sheet Picture Perfect Party Cakes! (A4)
Pack of ? Assorted Frosting Sheets KJFSASST-1
Pack of 24 Assorted Frosting Sheets:
8x KJFS0811, 6x KJFS8RND, 4x KJFS3RND, 4x KJFS35X1-T, 2x KJFS2RND

Edible Ink Refill Kit RFK02
Emergency back up inks. If you run out of ink, fill your own with this kit

Save yourself the hassle of waiting for your order, paying in USD and paying the shipping!

The pack of assorted frosting sheets has been opened and a couple of them used and the price adjusted accordingly. The inks are for any Epson machine and are unopened.
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Edible Image Sheets and Inks
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